Security Shutters

Many people don’t realise how un secure their security shutter maybe. As you may know that there are many people now working within the door industry some bad and some good, but when you’ve had a bad installation even though it may visually look strong and secure it may not always be the case.

There can be many vulnerabilities with regards to controls, door fixings, manual override and general selection of door materials.

I-Fix Electrical & Mechanical Services LTD can find these weaknesses and expose them. If we can find them then chances are that intruders will. We offer many solutions to all of these and most are quick and easy fixes. We have worked to secure some of the major security firms in the UK so we have the knowledge to assist you.

A key switch for example may seem secure but can easily help aid access into a building within a matter of seconds with the right skills as a result of an attack. This can be prevented by a simple steel surrounding lockable box a cheap but cost effective solution.This is just one of the many flaws we see on a day to day bases and there are many others.

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