Gate Safety

Why is are safe gates needed?

Simply, to stop any further fatalities / injuries occurring as a result of electric gate accidents. Although legislation exists along with various British Standards, which provide guidelines on the manufacture and installation of electric gates, the interpretation / awareness of this information can lead to confusion. It is also clear that under current guidelines, there is no formal requirement to undertake any specialist training prior to becoming involved in the specification, supply or installation of powered gates and that the sale of such items is not limited to a list of professional registered organisations.

We would also like to see tighter controls in relation to the maintenance of gates – this includes those installed prior to the current guidelines / legislation.

Who does this affect?

Parties affected by automated gate safety, this includes:

-Suppliers of gate automation equipment

-Suppliers of access control equipment

-Gate manufacturers

-Gate installers including electrical specialists


-Quantity surveyors

-Insurers / surveyors

-Construction companies

-Trade organisations / safety organisations

-Commercial property owners (including schools)

-Residential property owners

-Estate agents, letting agents, inventory clerks

-The general public


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