Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

 fire resisting shutter

Fire Shutters supplied and installed by I-Fix are tested and certified to ensure compliance with exacting industry standards. Our products can provide up to multiple hour fire resistance. There are many areas where fire resistance testing is required by national and international building regulations.

Fire Shutters provide compartmentation and are primarily used to protect people in the event of a fire and additionally to allow them to escape safely. Fire and smoke are contained and prevented from spreading. Fire protection has developed over many years with older fire shutters activated by heat around the doorway and thus allowing the fire shutter to fully close protecting property whilst occupants would have vacated the building.

Nowadays, fire shutters are closed normally via a complimentary alarm system. Consideration should be given to occupants as the remote triggering of an alarm which closes fire shutters in remote areas without warning may cause entrapment in certain circumstances.

Fire Shutters Save Lives

The use of fire control panels to give ample warning of impending fire shutters closure is advised. Whilst audible warnings are fine for most people, don’t forget those with hearing impediments who will require a visual warning system. If fire shutters are used in escape routes, they can be partially closed at first, then later fully closed to enable safe evacuation. Fire shutters and fire curtains are also used to create safe escape corridors.

Like the heating element of an electric fire, metal shutters may become extremely hot under fire conditions and may cause spontaneous combustion of nearby materials which can cause the fire to spread. This can be solved by fire protecting treatment in the immediate area surrounding the shutter thus creating a sterile zone.

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