PVC Strip Curtains

 strip curtain

 PVC strip curtains are the most cost effective method of cutting heat loss or retaining chilled air – particularly in an industrial environment.

All of our strip curtains are extruded with rounded edges and are manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC.

When hung, the industrial strength curtain strips are tough, flexible and capable of withstanding repeated impact from fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks and personnel.

Requiring minimal maintenance, an occasional clean with a detergent solution removes any grime and should return the curtains to their original clarity.

We can supply and fit  (including pre-cut strips, hanging or bolt-on rails plus hanging plates for easy installation) – all we need are the dimensions of the opening you need to curtain and we will do the rest!

CLEAR (standard); RED; BLUE; BLACK

Standard PVC strip curtain width (for normal use areas)
100mm wide x 2mm thick
200mm wide x 2mm thick
300mm wide x 2mm thick
300mm wide x 3mm thick
400mm wide x 4mm thick

Ribbed PVC strip curtain width (for heavy duty areas)
200mm wide x 4mm thick
300mm wide x 5mm thick
400mm wide x 6mm thick


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